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Montrose Park is a residential neighborhood in the Township of South Orange Village, New Jersey, characterized by elegant, large-scale homes, dating from the last quarter of the nineteenth century through the 1930s.

These architecturally imposing homes are set on large, landscaped lots, outlined by bluestone sidewalks and curbs, framed by mature trees and shrubbery, and lit by Victorian gaslight.

The Montrose Park Historic District is significant both historically and architecturally. Several streets were originally developed between 1867 and 1874 as part of a development intended to attract wealthy New York businessmen to rural South Orange, recently made accessible to the city by train.

When Montrose Park’s impressive architecture is combined with its winding, tree-lined streets, and landscaped boulevards, the feeling of a late nineteenth to early twentieth century suburban, residential enclave is readily conveyed.

Our mission is to promote, preserve and beautify the Montrose Park Historic District, maintain its integrity and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Advocacy and Action

  • We championed the cause to get State and National Historic District designation for Montrose.
  • We are strong advocates for sound zoning regulations, such as adherence to subdivision requirements and minimum frontages for new lots.
  • We funded the costs for expert testimony before the zoning authorities regarding the efforts by Seton Hall University to obtain variances for their proposed purchase and redevelopment of the Marylawn site (since withdrawn)…
  • MPHDA board members attend and frequently testify at public meetings to promote our mission to preserve our neighborhood.
  • MPHDA successfully championed the establishment of the South Orange Historic Preservation Commission.
Historic Montrose Park, South Orange, NJ

Beautification and Betterment

  • MPHDA designed, developed and underwrote the funding for Montrose-specific street signs and banners that better define the area and the unique character of Montrose Park.
  • We provided and maintain landscaping at Grove Park, Montrose Circle and Stanley Circle.
  • We helped fund, launch and promoted the publication of two books on the history of South Orange written by MPHDA member and past president, Naoma Welk.

Community and Cooperation

  • MPHDA sponsors an annual picnic for members to meet and socialize with fellow residents.
  • The Annual Meeting is an opportunity to meet and engage with board members and discuss issues of importance to the residents of Montrose Park.
  • MPHDA monthly board meetings are open to members to present issues for consideration by the association.
  • MPHDA organizes occasional House and Garden tours of select houses in the district.

If you like where you live, support our efforts to preserve and enhance the neighborhood.