Historical Figures

  • William Frederick Allen

    William Frederick Allen

  • Clarence Riker

    Clarence Riker

  • Henry Foster

    Henry Foster

  • Thomas Kingman

    Thomas Kingman

  • Thomas KingmanJPG

    Thomas KingmanJPG

  • Lillian Anderson, 81 Montrose Ave. 1912

    Shows Lillian (Anderson) Weedfald, sitting in front of the Montrose Avenue home in 1912. She worked as a domestic for the family. She was indentured from a NY City orphanage when she was a young teenager in the late 1880's. It was customary at the time for the wealthy of the area to obtain their domestic help in this manner. Lillian, the daughter of Swedish immigrants, was a half-orphan, a term coined in the late 1800's that described children that were born in the cowboy-days of the west whose mother died, and the father was unable to care for the child under the conditions of the harsh "wild west."

  • Lillian (Anderson) Weedfald, 81 Montrose Ave, April 16, 1910

    Lillian Weedfald, taken on her wedding day, April 16, 1910. She was 40 at the time, and this was the appropriate dress for a 40-year old bride in 1910. The man in the photo is not the groom; she married Emmanuel Weedfald, a Danish immigrant.

  • Hannah A. Thayer

    Hannah A. Thayer

  • R.H. Thayer

    R.H. Thayer

  • Thaye Family, 1888

    Thaye Family, 1888

  • Anna Flitner, 1907

    Anna Flitner, 1907

  • Mrs. Peggy Anna Self

    Mrs. Peggy Anna Self

  • Mrs. Self with William & Sydney

    Mrs. Self with William & Sydney

  • Mrs. Self with baby Peggy

    Mrs. Self with baby Peggy

  • Baldwin-Self House

    Baldwin-Self House