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Member List

2019 MEMBERS as of January 25, 2019 

Amy and Bill Dahn
Saanford and Zella Felzenberg
Nancy Gallt
Maureen and Fred Gammon
James and Shannon Keim

Ken and Regina Bann
Brian Bitner and Steven Pedigo
Sabine Hack and Rusty Reeves
James Skelly and Warren Leonard
Cricket Purdy and Roger Seifter
Nidhi Sinhi
Larry Sloan
Jerry and Hanie Warshaw

Debbie and Bob Adler
Dena and Bobby Basinski
Altara Jacobs and Scott Bieber
Holly Gauthier and Stuart Deutsch
Elizabeth Evans and Andrew Hayes
Jeff and Helen Ling
Liz and Pete Meny
Sam and Joyce Moulthrop
James and EllenO’Neill
Madhu and Nick Pai
Michael Parlapiano
Sally and Tom Rowe
Judy Runciman
Hilda and Bob Silverman
Angela and Paul Thomasch
Lindy Wilson

Paul Baretsky and Joseph Gualtieri
Terri and Jonah Berg
Dr. Claudette and Dennis Brown
Sarah Dee
Joanne and Bryn Douds
Susan and Martin Jones
Marc Merriweather and Narges Kakalia
Sue and Frank Johnson
Mark Lerner and Carol Lipman
Cathy Roma and Steve Horowitz
Robin Zeh and Paul Woodiel

Jacqueline and Damien Anderson
Cari and Jakob Bak
Sharon and Arnold Cohen
Petra and Fen-Dow Chu
Sandra Dickerson
Elizabeth and Andrew Evans
Angie and Cal Guillaume
Andrew and Elizabeth Hayes
Kim Kelly and Dan Patarozzi
Jessica and Jeremy Kessler
David Litke and Scott Dorn
Romy and Brian Nesin
Darryl and Sigrid Novak
Steven Pedigo and Brian Bitner
Steven Prest
Todd Ricker and Laura Dhringa
Carissa and Matthew Rodrigue
Armanda Santangeli
Jason Swanson and Simon Lowry
David and Ellen Solomon
Emily and Michael Tedeschi
Danielle Wright
Robin Zeh and Paul Woodiel
Hannah and Adam Zollman

*Every attempt has been made for accuracy. Please contact Maureen Gammon with questions.